Visual Rebellion - Vol 2 (DVD/Nac)

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Formato: DVD (Nac)

Coletânea com 23 videoclipes de bandas da gravadora Century Media


1. Lacuna Coil: Swamped
2. Dream Evil: The Book Of Heavy Metal
3. Nevermore: I, Voyager
4. Shadows Fall: The Power Of I And I
5. Heaven Shall Burn: The Weapon They Fear
6. Napalm Death: Lowlife
7. God Forbid: Better Days
8. Sentenced: Killing Me Killing You
9. Finntroll: Trollhammaren
10. Borknagar: Future Reminiscence
11. Nocturnal Rites: Awakening
12. Entwine: Bitter Sweet
13. Lullacry: Don’t Touch The Flame
14. Kotipelto: Reasons
15. Tad Morose: Anubis
16. Stampin’ Ground: Bear The Scars
17. Carnal Forge: Welcome To Your Funeral (Live)
18. Arch Enemy: Ravenous
19. Exodus: Bonded By Blood (Live)
20. Morgoth: Isolated
21. Orphaned Land: Ocean Land
22. Solefald: Mont Blanc Providence Crow
23. Unholy Ghost: Under Existence

Duração: Aprox 90 Min | Região: Todas | Sistema: NTSC | Audio: Dolby Digital 2.0