Iron Maiden - The Complete Albums Collection 1980 - 1988 (Limited Edition)


Formato: Box (AM)

Box contendo os 3 primeiros álbuns do Iron Maiden em vinil: Iron Maiden, Killers e The Number Of The Beast


Iron Maiden:
A1. Prowler
A2. Remember Tomorrow
A3. Running Free
A4. Phantom Of The Opera

B1. Transylvania
B2. Strange World
B3. Charlotte The Harlot
B4. Iron Maiden

A1. The Ides Of March
A2. Wrathchild
A3. Murders In The Rue Morgue
A4. Another Life
A5. Genghis Khan
A6. Innocent Exile

B1. Killers
B2. Prodigal Son
B3. Purgatory
B4. Drifter

The Number Of The Beast:
A1. Invaders
A2. Children Of The Damned
A3. The Prisoner
A4. 22 Acacia Avenue

B1. The Number Of The Beast
B2. Run To The Hills
B3. Gangland
B4. Hallowed Be Thy Name