Hellstouch - Three Ways To Hell (Hocnis/Imminent Attack/Puppets) (Nac)

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Formato: CD (Nac/Embalagem Econômica)

Segunda edição da coletânea Hellstouch, idealizada pela gravadora Shinigami Records, trazendo agora as bandas Hocnis, Imminent Attack e Puppets


1. Introduction Of Agony / Necrophobia
2. Fear Of Pain
3. Narcozy
4. Hocnis
5. Against All
6. Pigs Of Hell
7. Hate In Your Eyes

Imminent Attack:
8. Couch Potato
9. Dirty, Noise And Fun
10. Nobody Cares
11. United By Fear
12. Noise For Nothing
13. Splact

14. Abre A Roda
15. Hardcore
16. Piada Suja...Rio de Janeiro
17. Assasinos Da Verdade
18. Dark Lands
19. Puppets From Hell
20. Chased By Words
21. Guilty Man