The Night Flight Orchestra - Sometimes The World Ain't Enough (Nac/1 Bonus)


Formato: CD (Nac)

Quarto álbum do The Night Flight Orchestra, banda formada pelo baixista Sharlee D'Angelo (ex-Mercyful Fate, Spiritual Beggars, Witchery e Arch Enemy) e o vocalista do Soilwork Bjorn "Speed" Strid


1. This Time    
2. Turn To Miami
3. Paralyzed    
4. Sometimes The World Ain't Enough    
5. Moments Of Thunder
6. Speedwagon    
7. Lovers In The Rain    
8. Ca't Be That Bad    
9. Pretty Thing Closing In    
10. Barcelona
11. Winged And Serpentine    
12. The Last Of The Independent Romantics

Bonus Track:
13. Marjorie