Doro - Forever Warriors Forever United (Boxset) (Nac/Duplo)

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Formato: 2 CDS (Nac)

Décimo terceiro álbum da Doro


CD 1 - Forever Warriors
1. All For Metal feat Mille, Johan Hegg, Sabaton, Chuck Billy, Warrel Dane, Jeff Waters, Ross The Boss, Rock N Rolf, DeTraktor, Tommy Bolan, Andy Brings And The Ultimate Doro Clan
2. Bastardos        
3. If I Can’t Have You – No One Will feat Johan Hegg      
4. Soldiers Of Metal        
5. Turn It Up        
6. Blood, Sweat And Rock ‘N’ Roll        
7. Don’t Break My Heart Again        
8. Love’s Gone To Hell        
9. Freunde Fürs Leben        
10. Backstage To Heaven feat Helge Schneider       

Bonus Tracks:
11. Be Strong         
12. Black Ballad         
13. Bring My Hero Back Home Again         

CD 2 - Forever United
1. Résistance        
2. Lift Me Up        
3. Heartbroken feat Doug Aldrich   
4. It Cuts So Deep        
5. Love Is A Sin        
6. Living Life To The Fullest        
7. 1000 Years        
8. Fight Through The Fire        
9. Lost In The Ozone    

Bonus Tracks:   
10. Caruso         
11. Tra Como E Coriovallum
12. Metal Is My Alcohol