Queiron - Templars Beholding Failures (Nac/Digipack)


Formato: CD (Nac/Digipack)


1. Odium Denuntiatus (Intro)
2. Summon Sacred Vegeance
3. Templars Beholding Failures
4. Horde Of The Devastation's Command
5. Weakening Of Divine Essence
6. Ejura Nandejara Pay'y Pe Nande Terakua Pora Ha Jajai
7. Defying Ancients Sanguinary Gods
8. The March Of Crucifiers
9. Havoc Perpetuations
10. Fire Ostentation

Bonus Track:
Blessed By Brutality Of Evil (Demo Tape 1998):

11. Eternal Suffocation
12. You'd Better Light A Candle