Headhunter D.C - Born To Punish The Skies... A Deathmetallic Brotherhood In Darkest Mourning For God - Volume 1 (Nac)


Formato: CD (Nac)

Tributo ao Headhunter D.C


1. Deny The Light (Revel In Flesh)
2. Inner Demons Rise! (Inner Demons Rise)
3. The Glory (Funeral Whore)
4. Forgotten Existence (Eminent Shadow)
5. A I Crazy? (Decomposed God)
6. Celebrate The Chaos (Embrional)
7. Conflicts Of The Dark and Light (Malefactor)
8. Hallucinations (Poisonous)
9. Death Vomit (Pure Noise)
10. Stillborn Messiah (Bastard)
11. Beyond The Deepest Lie (Queiron)
12. Intense Infanticide (Demonic Rage)
13. Suicidal Soldier (Holder)
14. Terrible Illusion (Insaintfication)
15. Why Wars? (Unborn)
16. Winds Of Death (Dead Conspiracy)
17. Lightless (Nervochaos)